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Sandy's Autograph Collection

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Sandy's collection is an interesting look at Reno Air history; not only does it showcase some of the celebrities who flew Reno Air, it also provides a look at the different ticket wallet styles (and a few other handy bits of paper) that were used for the autographs.

Many of these autographs were acquired by Sandy while working in the Baggage Service office; several were provided by counter and gate agents for her collection.

Unfortunately, some of the autographed ticket wallets were never identified. Perhaps it seemed obvious at the time, or the name was misplaced in the crunch to get the plane off the gate on time. In any event, if you recognize one of the anonymous signatures, please let me know. Sandy and I would sincerely appreciate it.

There are two ways to view these autographs:

  • Go to one of the autograph pages, select a thumbnail, and click to view the autograph picture. To return to the thumbnail page, just click on the large autograph picture
  • Use the alphabetical menu to go directly to the specific autograph (coming soon)


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